Pseudo-Salafis say Allah has a ‘Size’

On the Multaqa Ahl al Hadeeth forum the Salafi shaykh Haitham Hamdan reaffirms the statement of sh Ibn Taymiyyah: ‘That something existing should not be increasing, or decreasing, or neither increasing nor decreasing, and yet exist and not have a size – this is impossible(Bayan Talbis Al-Jahmiyyah, 3/146)

Question from Abu Fadl:

How do Salafi’s view the statement of Ibn Taymiyyah:

فأما كون الشيء غير موصوف بالزيادة والنقصان ولا بعدم ذلك وهو موجود وليس بذي قدر فهذا لا يعقل (Talbîs al-Jahmiyyah)

It seems he find it impossible that a being (whether necessary or possible) could exist without having a size. If this interpretation is wrong, what is the Salafi interpretation?

Salafi shaykh Haitham Hamdan the Administrator says:

Yes this is what this great scholar is saying. And “Salafis” agree with him.

It is impossible for a creature to be present outside the human mind (not to be a mere mental being); and not have a size.

A mere mental being does not have a size or place. Example: numbers. They are mere mental beings with no existence outside the human mind. It is OK for them not to have a size.


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