Wahhabis claim Imam Al-Shafi’i says ‘Whoever says my Pronunciation of the Quran is Creates is a Jahmee’

I would be grateful if you could kindly review the quote attributed to Imam al-Shafi’i in the following link:


Is the quote authentically ascribed to the Imam?

Answered by Dr. GF Haddad

Alaykum Salam,

What is widespread and known is that Imam al-Shafii said this about one who says the Qur’an is created; not the lafz. When Bishr al-Marrisi finally stated that the Qur’an was created al-Shafi`i jumped (wathaba) and said Wallahi qad kafarta billah. It is not related in any of the established sources that he reacted that way against the statement about the lafz of Qur’an being created. So the latter is not recognized as a statement of al-Shafii in the sources other than al-La’la’aki, who seems to be the only one aware of it.

Secondly, the chain of transmission is flimsier than a cobweb for the following reasons:

1- Lala’aki’s shaykh al-Husayn b. Ahmad b. Ibrahim al-Tabari (al-Fara’idi) appears to be unknown.

2- Ahmad b. Yusuf al-Shalanji also appears to be unknown and nowhere to be found. It appears to be the only report that person relates, if he actually existed in the first place.

3- the Qattan whom he relates from also appears not to exist, as there is no one with the kunya Abu `Abd Allah al-Qattan by the name of al-Husayn b. `Ali at that time, but rather:

(i) either al-Husayn b. Yahya b. `Ayyash who narrated from al-Hasan b. `Arafa (d. 257, see http://www.alukah.net/library/0/58553/)

(ii) or Ahmad b. `Ali b. al-Hasan b. Bishr al-Baghdadi (d. 404).

(iii) As for the Shafii faqih al-Husayn b. Muhammad the author of the Mutarahat, he died later. All of these were called Abu `Abd Allah al-Qattan.

Given the above I suspect that the chain was manufactured out of thin air in order to propagate the matn.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for La’la’aki to relate forgeries or to relate from arch-forgers such as his shaykh Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Ghalib, from whom he relates over 40 reports in that book, and whom Abu Dawud called Baghdad’s Dajjal.

In any case, Imam al-Shafi`i is innocent of what they attribute to him.

Furthermore, even if he were to have said that statement, it does not mean that it is true across the board but only that it is typical of what the Jahmis of that time would say in order to promote the creationist status of the Qur’an. So it is a sadd al-dhari`a to condemn what leads to the latter as if it were identical with the latter.


One thought on “Wahhabis claim Imam Al-Shafi’i says ‘Whoever says my Pronunciation of the Quran is Creates is a Jahmee’

  1. Yasser

    Allahu akbar this proves there chanting is All based on baatil references! They pass through texts like the khwarij. They use there hawa(desires) Ahlul hawa to prove there point.

    Regarding the Qur’an I wonder since they say Believe! there God(i will not use Allah’s name due to them misusing it). There God doesnt indwell the creation or earth to them it is shirk.

    So, why do they ‘recite’ Qur’an that is uncreated are they reciting God? Since that which is uncreated is God. Is the writing in the book God? Isn’t this indwelling the creation? Both writing and our recitation is on earth. Total heavy contradiction, again they make no difference between the kalam of Allah which is uncreated and the kalam of humans.


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