Pseudo Salafis say Allah has a Limit

Says ‘shaykh’ Ibn Baz on his ‘commentary’ on al-`Aqida al-Tahawiyya:

فمراده بالحدود يعني التي يعلمها البشر، فهو سبحانه لا يعلم حدوده إلا هو سبحانه

By hudood (limits) the author means such as known by humans since no one except Allah Almighty knows his limits.

see footnote 3: External Link

Similarly, one of their predecessors in such a belief, Abu Sa’id ad-Darimi, the author of al-Radd ala Bishr al-Marisi, said, as quoted by Sh. Ibn Taymiyah in Dar’ at-Ta’arud without rebuke (2/28-29):

The section on the Hadd (limit) and the ‘Arsh

Abu Sa’id said:

The opponent also claimed that Allah does not possess a Hadd (limit), Ghayah (restriction), or Nihayah (end). He said: And this is the basis upon which Jahm (ibn Safwan) built his misguidnace and derived all of his errors. It has not reached us that anyone besides Jahm in the world proceeded him with it. Someone who was discussing this with him (Jahm) said to him: I have come to know your intent oh non-Arab. You intend that Allah is nothing, because all of the creation have known that there is nothing that is called a “thing” except that it has a Hadd (limit), a Ghayah (restriction) and an attribute, and that what has no limit, restriction or attribute is nothingness.

So that which is a “thing” must necessarily be described with attributes. Nothingness is described with no limit or restriction. Your statement: He has no limit means that He is nothing.

Abu Sa’id said:

Allah Ta’ala has a limit that no one knows but Him and it is not allowed for anyone to imagine a limit to His limit in himself, however, he is to beleive in the limit and relegate the knolwedge of that to Allah. His place (Makan) also has a limit and He is upon His ‘Arsh above the seven heavens- so these are two limits.

Sh. Ibn Taymiyya goes further himself even referring to Allah’s place when he said as quoted in Muwaafaqat al-Manqul (2:29) (republished as Dar’ Ta’aarud al-`Aqli wal-Naql (2:58-59):

There is agreement one and all among the Muslims and the disbelievers [sic] that Allah Most High is in the heaven and they ascribed it to Him as a limit except al-Marrisi the misguided and his friends.  Even little boys that have not reached puberty know this: when a boy is sad he raises his hand to his Lord and calls unto Him in the Heaven and nowhere else.  Everybody knows of Allah and His place (makanih) better than the Jahmiyyah! [..]. All this and its like are corroborations and proofs for a limit, and whoever does not admit it has committed disbelief in the Divine Revelation and has denied the verses of Allah!

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